09.16.13 [Pawnee portraits, etc]

I think I have mentioned before that I really love television. Not a whole gamut of shows, but a select few that I watch again & again because they bring me lots of joy. Parks and Recreation  is one of these shows that I know by heart.

Parks and Rec.jpg

So I have been working on a portrait project for the past few weeks, working through the Parks and Rec department of Pawnee, Indiana. I wanted small exercises where I could work on portraiture & typography in one sitting. I feel this project was a good combination of the two. After I was done, I would frame the portrait on my pretty blue desk & post on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & Instagram. I loved all the feedback as lots of folks find joy in this show as well.  It started with Ron, because he is my favorite. It ended with Leslie because she is the heart of the show. And I found myself sad to be done. And then I remembered... I love a ton of television shows. On to the next one.


Stayed tuned for more portrait series. If you like Firefly, Community, The Office, Friends... I think you'll enjoy what's coming next. 

Most of my blog posts are personal updates on my activities - not so much on my art-making. This post was intended to make up for that insufficiency & let you know what I have been up to. The portrait project is one thing but I've been busy making lettering pieces as well. Here're a few. 


After a brief conversation with a local artist at the MOsaics Art Festival this past weekend on Main Street Saint Charles, one of my largest focuses over the next few months will be to build up a large portfolio of pieces to sell at a festival/art sale. I am also preparing to open an online store where I can sell some of the pieces I have made and take orders for custom ones. Thank you for your encouraging words & sweet comments along the way; it is a pleasure to share what I make with you. I welcome the hecklers, too. I only shun art thieves which run rampant on the streets of the Internet. Git out of here. GIT.