07.06.2013 [this week]

This week:


1. Unexpected Pleasure: I was making some cheesecakes (see no. 4) and Jacob was watching a show in the next room that sounded interesting but not really my cup of tea. I sat down after I was done baking and then didn't move for another hour as I was glued to my seat and biting my nails over the fate of some macaroons. Oh, Master Chef.  I didn't want to like you. But I really, really did.

2. Sweet Reunion: Every three months or so I reunite with the crew of Serenity and get a ton of work done. I don't know what it is about Firefly but it is the perfect show to have on in the background. Drawings, lessons, freelance work - it all gets done under the supervision of Captain Reynolds. Shiny.

3. Competitive Traveling: We had some sweet friends over for dinner and they brought this game and, despite the steep learning curve, it was freaking fun. All we did was make TRAINS. And I lost. I lost so badly.

4. Semi-successful Baking: I made a lot of little cheesecakes from scratch and they turned out real well!  The great-looking pics included with the recipe depict the cup- cheesecakes topped with delectable caramel sauce. I did attempt to make this! It did not turn out real well.