07.01.2013 [STL Art Museum & Pi]

Happy July to one & all!

Mondays are always great days because it is not only my day off but also my husband's. We try to spend the day not doing much of anything at all. But due to the new East Building of the St. Louis Art Museum opening up this past weekend, they had special museum hours and I was eager to go see all the art that has been sleeping in the cellars until new wall space was made available for it. To my surprise, a lot of the art at SLAM had been moved to new walls and whole wings had been transplanted as well! It was nice catching up with old friends. Friends being beautiful pieces of art.


One piece I found particularly intriguing was Yoko Ono's   Wish Tree . I spent a little bit of time reading visitors' wishes. Some were silly, others were quite serious. 


One thing I love about my husband [Jacob] is that he is willing to spend hours in art museums with me. He lets me ramble about the pieces I love and the artists I hate and just why this Joseph Albers piece was greater than the last and oh my goodness, Thiebauld's paintings are just so juicy, and look there's a Sargent, oh my gosh. It goes like that. He's a good sport. 


Some pieces attract him more than others. He enjoys the electric ones, being a technophile.  And to conclude our trek to the city, some Pi deep-dish pizza. Pepperoni & green peppers on my half, jalapeños & sausage on his half.


A good day off.